Cultivating Meat

Niya Gupta
co-Founder Fork & Goode
July 28th, 2019

We've all heard of the disastrous consequences of conventional animal agriculture for public health, the environment and animal welfare - however the world is eating more meat than ever before. What if we could develop a new approach through cultivated meat technology - and what are the benefits/risks to future generations of meat-eaters?


The Propaganda Death Star

david goldstein
Co-Founder, Tovo Labs
July 28, 2019

How did the most powerful political propaganda machine ever devised deliver shock victories for its makers in the UK (Brexit) and the US (Trump ‘16)? … and how it might continue to do so in 2020.




The Role of Youth in Politics and the Fight for Democracy in America

scott warren
CEO, Generation citizen
march 31st, 2019. 5pm

From the civil rights movement to #BlackLivesMatter to the Parkland students, youth constitute a powerful force in the fight for democracy in America.  This talk will cover lessons on how to unlock this potential, drawing from Scott's experience building Generation Citizen, one of the preeminent civics education organizations in America.


Ghosts of Coastlines Past

Laura reynolds
post doc, Institute of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, rutgers university march 31, 2019. 5pm

Coastal sediments record thousands of years of environmental and human change. This talk will cover why looking into the past is crucial for understanding the future of our coastlines, including the risks posed by sea level rise and other coastal hazards.


Fact from Fiction: Documentary Storytelling in an Age of Fake News.

Micah garen
Founder, Four corners media
february 10, 2019. 5pm

How are we to make sense of the world around us?  Can we trust news and documentaries to inform us - or have we evolved into an age of 'fake news' and the personal narrative?  Are we in a new golden age of the documentary and information sharing, or is this a new gilded age of yellow journalism and deception? Micah Garen has been a documentary filmmaker for the past eighteen years, working in some of the most difficult places in the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan, and will bring his perspective to this timely issue.


Every breath you take: Air pollution indoors & outdoors

faye mcneill
Prof. Chemical Engineering
Columbia University
February 10, 2019. 5pm

Air pollution has reached dangerous levels in many of the world’s most populated areas. This talk will cover what’s in the air we breathe, causes of poor air quality indoors and outdoors, its impacts on our health, and challenges and opportunities for clearing the air.

Rand Hidayah.jpg

The Future of Journalism: Cyborgs?

Salah Zalatimo
Chief digital officer, Forbes
december 16, 2018. 5pm

Why augmented intelligence will defeat artificial intelligence.  Embedded computers are more likely to out power autonomous computers. It's more practical and effective.


Moving Beyond Human: Embracing Exoskeletons

Rand Hidayah
ROAR LAboratory, Columbia University
December 16, 2018. 5pm

Rapidly evolving exoskeletons aim to unlock new human potential in movement and ability. Our work at the Robotics and Rehabilitation Laboratory looks at where we are at in merging humans and machines.

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Andrea Silverman.jpg

CARTs: Evolution in Finding a Cure for Cancer

Padma Gunda
associate consultant, zs
november 11, 2018. 5pm

Over the past several years, immunotherapies have emerged as the latest paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer. Most recently, clinicians have made significant advances in developing chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapies — an approach that re-engineers patient T-cells to not only defend against but directly search and destroy tumor cells, providing the closest option we have to a cure for multiple cancers.


Human waste reuse: new paradigms in sewage treatment

Andrea Silverman
Assistant professor NYU
november 11, 2018. 5pm

Globally, 4.5 billion people lack access to safely managed sanitation. New models of wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse are being developed to try to close the sanitation gap.

Padma Gunda.jpg
Sid Sen.png

Urban Transportation in the 21st Century

Sasha manoosingh
citibike (motivate)
October 21, 2018. 5pm

How will we move and connect in the increasingly dense urban landscapes of the 21st Century - particularly, in our beloved NYC?


How to Make Decisions (Optimally)

Sid Sen
microsoft research
October 21, 2018. 5pm

We all wonder what would have happened if we had done something differently in the past. Reinforcement learning can sometimes answer this question for us, and tell us how to make better decisions in the future.

Sasha Manoosingh.png

Moments of Lucidity

Kishore Kuchibothla
Professor, John Hopkins University
July 18, 2018

Have you ever choked under pressure and saw your mind go into a blank stare? This talk sheds light on what happens in your brain.

Laurel Donaldson.jpg

Urban Planning, Big Data and NY Public School Performance

laurel donaldson
wyx studios
July, 2018

How innovative new ways of data visualization can lay bare how urban planning policy affects public school performance in NYC - and how to fix it.


Lessons from the Quest for Malaria Eradication

mARCH, 2018

Where are we, after decades of malaria eradication initiatives and what has worked?

Derek Willis.jpg
Stefan Jansen.jpg

A primer on Artificial Intelligence

Stefan jansen
Applied Artificial intelligence
march, 2018

How an exponential explosion in data, computational prowess and capital is accelerating A.I. - and the future scenarios we have ahead of us.